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Nostalgic pictures

The solitude and silence that is felt today in intimate spaces are an indicator of the changes that have occurred in family and personal relationships. The places and objects that in the past had been built to share, have been resignified due to habits created by the use of new communication technologies, the time restrictions of working conditions, among other aspects that hint at how our society is It has transformed because of its socio-economic policies. Based on the above, I am interested in building installations that invite us to reflect on the absence felt in these spaces, the accumulations of objects that still inhabit there, their disuse, the temporalities that they demarcate and their repercussion on the construction of a memory collective. From personal and family experiences, I build nostalgic images that I insert into passable spaces to invite to question the nature and time of what is observed. They are installations that emphasize the design of their light to evoke pictorial sensations that generate concerns when developed through photographic strategies. The materials that I usually use are the product of a constant search to resignify or link images to space, they are substrates that differ from those found in the traditional photographic industry in order to generate sensations of depth, translucency or phantasmagoria. In this way, I use different types of glass, mirrors, papers, textiles and light projection instruments with which I manage to create surfaces that are inserted into spaces already built or that I emulate with recycled woods, drywall, fabrics and found objects.

FOTO FINAL med.jpg

Detail of Contemplation of the Spectator, Bogota, 2012

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