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This piece originated from the delays that my mother had in the activities that she normally carried out in our house. The delay of these situations was given because of the labor over-exploitation of which she has been a victim in the place where she has worked in recent years. The work uses the emotional and physical affections that she has experienced in her privacy to signal a lost and unrecoverable time in her life.

The piece is built from multiple photographic fragments, this in order to provide a bivalent reading between the photographic and the pictorial. The size and quality of the image allow the viewer to immerse themselves within the scene in order to create ample time for perception and reflection. From this experience, I seek to confront the image's own narrative with the memory of the expectant, thus creating an awareness of the working conditions facing part of the population in Colombia today.


Dilación record. Nueveochenta Gallery, 2016.



Fotografía digital impresa por inyección de tinta

sobre papel Hahnemühle Photo Rag 305 g/m2 .
Retablo de polietileno.

Marco de madera.





1,49 m. x 2,17 m.

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