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General view of the installation. Connecta 26, 2023

In Colombia, the socioeconomic stratification by areas and territories of the different cities and departments has enhanced the country's social inequality. The social fragmentation in Bogotá is perceived in the route and contrast of the different zones of the urban landscape; in the perception of safe and unsafe areas; in the quality of the constructions, public lighting, the width of the roads and the scarcity of green areas, among others.


With this project we seek to reflect on the current distancing between social classes based on housing in Bogotá. Through the landscapes that are contemplated through the windows, a scenario of socio-spatial segregation associated with the proximity to the center and north of the eastern hills can be perceived. In the exposed images, homes of our relatives located in peripheral neighborhoods (in the town of Kennedy and in the municipality of Soacha) are staged; as well as landscapes captured from buildings in the north and center of the city (in the towns of Usaquén, Chapinero and Santa Fe).


*This project has been developed collectively with artist zAck LeBeau.

Art works

Sunset in the Patio Bonito neighborhood, Bogotá



In some neighborhoods of Bogotá classified as lower strata we perceive a landscape of bricks, tiles and hanging clothes.

Sunrise on 93rd street, Bogotá


6_Calle 93.jpg

I remember that since I was little I woke up every day in a neighborhood without mountains, a neighborhood on the outskirts. I would go to study or work in neighborhoods located on the slopes of the Bogotá hills. When I saw the landscapes that were seen through the windows of these buildings, I felt a longing for wanting to see them in the windows of my room at dawn.

Sunrise on 93rd street, Bogotá


7_Calle 93.jpg

Sunset in the Patio Bonito neighborhood, Bogotá


9_Atardecer en Patio Bonito.jpg

Technical data


Sublimated polyester, led lights, electrical wiring.


150 cm. x 230 cm. each one.



Essays about the house and the city. Connecta 26, Bogotá.

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